Public policy discussion under patronage of H.E. Tuominen Passi, Ambassador of Finland with Sergei Davidis, the head of Political Prisoners Support Program and Member of the Council of Memorial Human Rights Center

By July 3, 2024News

From left: Denis Bilunov, Russian Anti-War Diaspora, Daniel Jirku, Administration & Communications at the Embassy of Finland, Randall Filer, Board Member CERGE-EI, Ms. Riikka Seppala, DCM Embassy of Finland, Arthur Braun, Partner, bpv Braun Partners, Bert Stiers, Owner of the Stiers & Company, H.E. Mr. Pasi Tuominen, Embassy of Finland, Ivan Chvatik, Former Dissident, Philosopher & Scientist, Ida Manton, OSCE, Mr. Sergei Davidis, Memorial Human Rights Center, H.E. Mr. Kansuke Nagaoka, Embassy of Japan, H.E. Mr. Laimonas Talat-Kelpša, Lithuania, Lars Klett, Partner UEPA Law Firm, Michael Stimson, Vice President of the Prague Society, Jozef Durkáč, product designer, GenDigital, Jakub Hladik, Former Head of Diplomatic Protocol at the Presidential at the Office of Václav Havel.

A public policy discussion was held under the patronage of the Ambassador of Finland, H.E. Mr. Pasi Tuominen, and in cooperation with the Prague Society, with Sergei Davinis, Head of the Political Prisoners Support Program and a Member of the Council at the Memorial Human Rights Center, currently based in Lithuania and still working on helping political prisoners. Along with other guests at the discussion, we were honored to welcome H.E. Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kansuke Nagaoka, and H.E. Mr. Laimonas Talat-Kelpša from the Embassy of Lithuania.