In Memoriam: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

By April 9, 2021In Memoriam

I was honored to have a few meetings with Prince Philip over the years. He was tough, direct, no holds barred. I particularly remember a reception in Windsor Castle where he came barging across the Noble Hall – stopping in front of a journalist I was speaking with. ‘Why are you here?’. Suprized the journalist said, ‘Ah… well… you invited me Sir.’ ‘I see’, said Prince Philip. ‘Well, you didn’t have to come!’ and stormed off. Turns out the journalist was a republican editor critical of the Royal Family. Prince Philip was remarkable in all ways. He was indeed a great spirit.
On behalf of the Members – Vivat, Crescat, Floreat.

Prof. Marc S. Ellenbogen
President, the Prague Society for International Cooperation
Chairman, Global Panel Foundation