The challenge for all of us is to live in a way, to act in a way, where we make a difference to bring about a better world

F. W. de Klerk, Nobel Laureate, Honorary President of the Prague Society

Promoting a global approach to business, politics and academia in Central Europe through transparent networking and off the record dialogue.


The Prague Society promotes international cooperation in Central Europe: to help decision-makers to consider the implications of their actions;
to develop a new generation of responsible, well-informed leaders and thinkers in Central Europe (…)


The Prague Society was established in 1997 by a diverse group from the Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand.

Latest News & Events

February 24, 2021

Hong Kong plans to make public officials swear oath of loyalty to China and the Communist Party

Hong Kong’s government plans to introduce new electoral changes ordering public officials to pledge and maintain an oath of loyalty to Hong Kong and Bejing. Officials…

February 22, 2021

Beijing 2022 Olympics could validate China’s authoritarian regime

“A successful Beijing 2022, with hundreds of thousands of vaccinated, mask-free spectators packing stadiums, could serve as the ultimate proof of concept for China’s authoritarian…

February 20, 2021

Amb. Boris D. Pankin – highest ranking Soviet diplomat to stand with Gorbachov against the coup – turns 90

“Valentina says you have sympathetic eyes. We will happily join you and Barbara (Day) for dinner.” And so began my near three decade long friendship…