The Prague Society

We promote international cooperation in Central Europe. Our aims are:

  • to promote a global approach to business, politics and academia;

  • to help decision-makers to consider the implications of their actions;

  • to develop a new generation of responsible, well-informed leaders and thinkers in Central Europe;

  • to publish unique comment from our members and guests.

We create and maintain a network of businessmen, diplomats, politicians and academics, who contribute to important policy issues. Our events provide a unique opportunity for decision-makers to influence and act upon one another’s thinking in an atmosphere of trust and informality.


The Prague Society was established in June 1999 by a diverse group from the Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand. The idea for the Society developed as its founders realised that the insights they had gained individually and collectively for nearly a quarter of a century should be extended on a wider scale.

The Society believes that the perspectives of others are of particular importance to Central Europe, whose talents, skills and energy have yet to be fully realised. The countries of the region share with many contemporary societies a disappointment with the state of public life. The ambitions of the days following the collapse of communism have faded. Suspicion of innovation and of foreign influence is endemic. There is a reluctance to share information and to work towards a common goal. Private gain dominates public interest.

The Society will encourage individuals to take a broader perspective through interactions that can lead to a renewed commitment to civic responsibilities.

Position Description

We are looking for dedicated, self-dependent interns. You will be involved in all aspects of organizing our Public Policy Events and Meetings, Embassy Receptions, Award Ceremonies – correspondence, external relations, event registrations management, the coordination of the team and the maintenance of web and social networks content and contacts database. Especially creative people with open mind and punctuality are welcomed to apply. Activities and responsibilities will depend on your skills as well as our event schedule.


We need you to be proactive and independent. Most importantly we are looking for someone who is not easily intimidated in conversation or on the phone and confident writing formal e-mails. Your written and spoken English needs to be excellent. Czech is not a requirement. We do not care so much what your grades are or what your major is although typically our interns study humanities, politics, media, international relations or something similar.

We are highly flexible when it comes to working hours and the duration of the internship. At the same time we would prefer if you were flexible as well. For the most part this is not a job with regular office hours. The workload varies greatly depending on events and does not always fall into regular working hours. With more dedication, more benefits will come.

Regardless of when you start your internship we would much prefer if you were able to stay at least until after the HRE Citizenship Award ceremony which will take place between September 15 and November 30.


You will have a meaningful function and a position with responsibility in an unconventional organization. Depending on your dedication and interests you will be able to attend Prague Society events, have the opportunity to collect references, network and bring in your own ideas. You will improve your communication skills and gain valuable insights and experiences in the world of politics, media and international relations.

Mentorship program of the Prague Society

One of many benefits working for the Prague Society is its Mentorship program. After 3 months of internship your work will be evaluated and you will be connected with your personal mentor which will help you with your professional development. The Prague Society has a big network worldwide which is ready to help young hard-working leaders.

Please send your CV and a short text about you, your motivations and expectations to