Privatisation artist Petr Pudil

By March 8, 2022News

While it is rewarding to support the arts, it is important to understand who you are actually supporting.

In this article, particular attention is paid to people behind this initiative. Questions may be raised over the manner the venue came in their possession and what their true intentions are : is it a genuine art initiative or is it rather about trying to mend a tainted reputation or even worse ?

According to this article, there appear to be links to dubious companies registered in Lichtenstein that are “hybrid companies, which businessmen use to keep money out of reach of their home tax offices.” “Today they transfer money through a charity foundation from the tax haven back to the Czech republic and purchase art works worth hundreds of millions…”

As for other cases, we find it worthwhile to go beyond positive PR-pitches, take an interest in the background story and keep a critical stance when Czech oligarchs (who made their fortune in a matter of years only) suddenly seem to become staunch supporters of academia or the arts and launch their own private projects…